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I HATE sugar cookies. There’s nothing worse than biting into a beautiful cookie and nearly breaking a tooth. So I bake soft and tender cream cheese cookies that literally melt in your mouth. I use soft-bite royal icing on every cookie. So you won’t find a crunch there either. I took the time to not only create a work of art, but also a cookie that you will crave. 

About The Baker: My name is Lisa and I love cookies. A lot. My bakery sits in the middle of my family’s 200 year old dairy farm, hence the name Little Farmhouse. When I’m not wrangling cows or one of my three sons, I’m in the kitchen! I hope you love my little delicious works of art as much as I love making them.

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How do I order?

Click the “Message for ordering” button at the top right of this page. Email us at LittleFarmhouseBakingCo@gmail.comCall/text at 704-728-2849 Or send a Facebook message

Are you licensed? 

Yes! I operate as an LLC. I am a Home Based Bakery. North Carolina has strict guidelines to ensure the cleanliness, sanitary practices and product safety in home based kitchens. My kitchen, procedure and cookies have been inspected by the state and I am fully licensed and certified. 

What are the payment options?

I do ask for prepayment. Your order is not officially on the books until payment is made in full. Payment options are  Venmo: @LittleFarmhouseBakingCo and PayPal: Zelle: 7047282849

How far in advance should I book?

The sooner the better! My calendar tends to book solid 6 weeks in advance. 

Do you ship?

Unfortunately I do not ship. My soft batch cookies tend to crumble if not handled delicately. 

What is your cancellation policy? 

Refunds are at owners discretion. Personalized cutters, colors, packaging and sprinkles may have already been purchased for your order. 

Do you offer Gluten Free cookies? 

No, I do not. In order for an item to be considered gluten free, it must be prepared in a certified GF facility. I am happy to substitute my usual flour for a flour of your choice, but in no way can I guarantee that any of your cookies did not come into contact with an allergen. 

How much are your cookies? 

My prices range from $54-$80 per dozen depending on size, colors, amount and detail. For an exact quote, message me with your theme and any details you’d like included I’ll get back to you! 


All I have to say is WOW! Little Farmhouse Baking Co is a special order bakery right here out of Huntersville, NC. She does everything by hand and is one of the most talented people, judge for yourself by scrolling through her page to see the amazingness of all her custom orders! She does a home made soft sugar cookie with cream cheese, ugh now I need to order a dozen!



THESE COOKIES TASTE AMAZING! Normally the pretty, hyper-decorated cookies lack in taste what they have in design. Not these! And I’ve never seen such awesome and intricate details in my life - so impressive! If you ever have a birthday party or baby shower or you just want beautiful yummy cookies because it’s a Wednesday, call Lisa! 



Thank you so much for creating these amazing cookies for my daughter’s birthday! They are so beautiful and incredibly delicious! I highly recommend!



Lisa made us cookies for our baby shower yesterday and they were a huge hit! The only thing better than the look is the taste! She personalized them with our babies name and made sure the colors matched our theme. She can do anything you like and I recommend them for any occasion.



These cookies are beautifully decorated and taste better than anything you'll find in a store!!!



Lisa does amazing work!! Her cookies are delicious and seriously the best! I can send her a picture of what I want and she brings my idea to life! Highly recommended Little Farmhouse Baking Co!!


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